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2203 makes brief visit to Perth

2203 heads for the turntable and then for refuelling having worked in from Kalgoorlie on the South Spur Rail 2AK2. This train comprised 3 AK track recording vehicles and a crew car.

The 3 AK coaches which make up the track recording train

On the turntable at Forrestfield

Australia Northern Railroad's 2203 rolled into a very wet Perth from Kalgoorlie on 13 August 2001 with the track recording train.
South Spur Rail were running the train (2AK2), which left Forrestfield after refueling and turning for Kalgoorlie.


DA1 becomes 'T 02'....first pictures

T02 formally DA1, receives the Australian Railroad Group's standard  livery at EDI Forrestfield on 29/7/01

Posted 29/7/01

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