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The Western Australian Railfan Site

The Pemberton Tramway Co.

The Pemberton Tramway Company is based
at Pemberton station which is located 330km
south of Perth, Western Australia.
A must see attraction for both railway
enthusiasts and tourists alike, the tramway
operates steam hauled trains north to Eastbrook (11km)
and Lyall (21km) as well as trams south to Warren River
or Northcliffe.

V1213 at Eastbrook Siding on 18/08/01 - Steam trains operate from Easter to November. Visitors to the tramway can also drive V1213 by undertaking a driver training course.

Vintage 1953 built Y Class diesels are used for shunting and to bring timber trains from Lyall to the mill at Pemberton. These timber logs come from the Diamond Mill at Lyall and is hauled in on Sundays from Easter to November using V1213 as part of the passenger train. Here Y 1115 shunts a loaded timber wagon into the Pemberton Mill's siding on 19/08/01

Trams travel south to Warren River and Northcliffe and depart from Pemberton every day of the year except Christmas Day

As seen on Channel 9's "Postcards WA"

V1213 back in action

V1213 at Pemberton Station - Easter 2001 - Photo Ian Willis

Pemberton Tramway's resident mainline steam locomotive V1213 made a return to steam over Easter 2001. Looking resplendent after a new coat of paint, V1213 is pictured at Pemberton Station. (photo by Ian Willis)

Steaming days for V1213

V1213 currently steams north through the Karri & Jarrah forrest on Saturdays and Sundays every weekend from now until 3-4 November 2001, when the steam ban is enforced due to the high fire risk.

SATURDAY: V1213 runs 11km north of Pemberton to Eastbrook. This return journey takes 1 3/4 hours and departs Pemberton at 10.30am & 2.15pm.
Fares:$21.00 Adult, $10.50 Child, $1.50 up to 4 yr old

SUNDAY : V1213 runs 21km north of Pemberton to Lyall.
This return journey takes 3 hours. V1213 often picks up timber from Lyall on Sundays and on the up journey, empty timber wagons are attached behind the passenger coaches. The loaded timber wagons are attached immediately behind V1213 for the return journey giving passengers a good view of the locomotive.
Fares:$28.00 Adult, $14.00 Child, $1.50 up to 4 yr old

Cabride passes are also available - 2 per journey, children must be accompanied by an adult. Fares: $36.00 Adult, $18.00 Child

Drive V1213 for a day

V1213 &Y1115 wait to depart Pemberton for the 21km journey to Lyall, adjacent to the AWR Lambert siding - Easter 2001 -  Photo Ian Willis

For something a little different and certainly unique to W.A. if not Australia, Pemberton Tramway Co. offer 'Driver Experience Courses'. Participants drive V1213 hauling three coaches to Eastbrook and return, either once for the basic course or twice for the full course.
Courses begin with an induction session then tuition explaining the workings of the locomotive and finally either 1 or 2 trips 'on the regulator'.
FULL COURSE : $450 duration 7 hours
BASIC COURSE: $325 duration 3.5 hours

Other News

Log Trains

The Pemberton Tramway transports timber logs from the Diamond Woodchip Mill at Lyall through to the sawmill in Pemberton. Y class locomotives haul these log trains in summer from November to Easter using specially converted wagons (see below). The train departs 10.30am on Sundays, only if timber is ready at Lyall. The Y class will usually shunt the loaded timber wagons to the sawmill upon arrival back in Pemberton in the afternoon.

A standard consist summertime logtrain ready to depart Lyall - Photo Neil Blinco

Y1115 & Y1114 double head a log train at Lyall - photo Ian Willis

A rare  double-headed log train at Pemberton with Y class locos 1115 & 1114 - Photo Ian Willis

QBE Wagon Conversions

The Pemberton Tramway Co. owns 29 ex Westrail QBE flat top wagons which have full timber decking, 8 bolsters with long stauncheons and 8 tie down chains. Up until now timber has been carried from the Diamond Woodchip Mill at Lyall through to Pemberton using these wagons in an unmodified state, but damage caused by loading and unloading has prompted major modifications. The wagons now have short stauncheons, high bolsters and four chains, decking has also been removed. The QBE classification has now been changed to QBEL. The photos below show some converted wagons loaded with timber, to date seven out of ten proposed conversions are complete.

Converted wagons ready to be shunted to Pemberton Sawmill on 23/03/01- Photo Neil Blinco

A converted QBE wagon now classified QBEL at Pemberton - Photo Neil Blinco

Special thanks to Neil Blinco - Operations Manager, Pemberton Tramway for supplying photos & information

The Western Australian Railfan Site 2001